Candidate Historical Markers about the American Revolution or Colonial Period

Below is a list of candidate historical markers for sites or events in the Carolinas. Please suggest other candidate markers that deserved consideration. After the list is collected, everyone can vote to priorize them.

This is an unofficial list designed to identify candidate markers, measure their relative importance, and start a discussion about the choices. For details on how to apply for a historical marker in either North Carolina or South Carolina, read article Historical Markers: Roadside History Lessons. The only requirement is a well-referenced document that explains the historical significance of the place, structure, or event. You will attach it to a simple application form from the state Office of Archives and History. Both states are fexible about the format of this document. After review, expect that the marker text will be deliberated and altered. The entire process will take from 9 to 18 months.

North Carolina

South Carolina