John Philemon Boone Civil War Letter

Camp Nere Culpeper Cort House July 27 x63

Miss Jane Holt

My Deare cosin

This evening sent my self to inform you that I am well at presant and truly hoping when those few lines comes to hand this may find you all enjoying the same good Blessing of god that is the main thing in this Life is good health. I Received youre kind leter yesterday dated June the 21, it give me grate plesure to here you was all well and had such good crops of corn and wheat. I will tell you something a bout the misfortune of oure company

it has been a Hard Battle the 1 and 3 days of July at Gettysburg Pencilvania oures company Went in to the Fight with 60 men and came out with 15 men Capt R. H. Faucett was slitly wonded he is with the company now Leutenant J. H. Watson is missing Thomas Branock, Thomas Underwood, Martin Patton, Sargent Gorge B. Gerison, Robert A. Weidon, Pickerd Sumers wase kild dead on the Field Sargent J. M. Gilliam and Sargnt A. G. Love and Corpral J. H. Garison is missing and a grate many more Wounded that I could name but you don"t know them P. H. Boone was not in the Fight he was detaled to drive Beef cattle I was not in the Fight I was driving a Division Wagon you sed in youre Leter you wanted to no if I had seen uncle G. S. Holte I havent seen him but I hav herd frome hime he was not hert in the Battle he wase in it all. we are now at Culpeper Cort House 40 miles above Fredricksburg tel aunt Poley I think I will get to come home this fall and I am a coming down to eate Sower Croute tel Uncle Jacob I think this corn is very fine by him begining to Lary by so soon I am tryly glad to here his Wheat wase so good I hope we will not suffer so for Bred Like wee did Last Spring We get a plenty of Bred and Beef to eate now tel cosin Beckey howdy and tel here to write to me and not wate for me for I dont have time to write often I send howety to uncle Jacob and aunt Poly give my Love to cosin Robert Faucett and Family and also to cosin Sarah Patton an tel them to wright to me give my respects to all inquiring friends so I will Bring my short Leter to a close by saing wright soon and fate not Remain youre affectionate cosin until Death

J. P. Boon

To Jane Holte

Please excuse my bad wrighting and Spelling

Direct youre Leters to
Richmond, VA, Co. K, 4 T Regiment, N C Troops Pettygrews Brigade, Heaths Division

I forgot to tel you General Pettygrew was kild in Maryland the 14th of this month

[Written by John Philemon Boone (b:1846), son of Mary Stepney Holt (1819-1909) and Peter Boone (1813-1880), nephew of Granville Simpson Holt (1822-1863). Addressed to his cousin 1x removed Jane Holt (1838-1886).]