Lieutenant Colonel Robert Mebane recognized at Hawfields Presbyterian Church

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Mebane was an important Continental Army officer who served the entire Revolutionary War (1775-1781). He was a member of Hawfields Presbyterian Church, near present-day Mebane, NC. Historian S. W. Stockard wrote:

Haw Fields [Presbyterian Church] was the intellectual centre of northern Alamance. It was not only the intellectual and religious, but also the political centre. Its members were Whigs of the Revolution. After a victory they were accustomed to meet to give thanks for it. On one occasion an influential member arose and left the house during services. Being questioned, he replied he did not expect to stay anywhere and hear them give the Lord all the thanks and Robert Mebane none. [Stockard:1900:81].

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Mebane served under General George Washington. He was killed a few days before the Yorktown victory.