[Apparent transcript of 7 May 1888 Lincoln Courier newspaper article with inserted comments by Martha (Mattie) Plonk (1863–1924) sometime after 1915. List of children separated into paragraphs for clarity. Barbara is daughter of Sally, and Emma is daughter of Barbara. Daniel recorded elsewhere as David. The Rev. Luther M. Carpenter should be written Rev. Michael Luther Carpenter (1853–1918).]


Tuesday, May 1st a picnic family reunion was held at the residence of Joseph Plonk near Crouse Station, N.C. by his numerous descendants to celebrate the 100th birthday of their old ancestor.

About 9 o'clock the people began to arrive, on foot, on horseback, in wagons, in buggies until about 600 were on the grounds. The Centenarian was seated in his room on a cozy chair. A cordial handshake and kiss were given to all.

Seated by his side was his sister Mrs. Sallie Plonk Weaver now 104, in her 105th year. She lived to be 106 years old. She rode several miles in a buggy in order to be present. They had not met in several years and their meeting was an affectionate and touching one.

There were of Mr. Plonk's now living children 6 children, 36 grandchildren, 104 great-grandchildren—a total of 146 of whom about 90 were present.

The young folks played tap-ring and talked enjoying themselves while the older folks talked. At 1 o'clock the dinner which was brought in boxes & trunks or anything that could be brought in a wagon were spread on a table about 150 ft. long—after which Dr. W. L. Crouse was called upon and he made a very appropriate speech. Grace was asked by Rev. M. L. Little of Gaston College, after which all hands fell to eating. Dr. Crouse speaking of the dinner afterwards said it was the finest he had ever seen.

After dinner was over Rev. M. L. Carpenter, his pastor, who was a grandnephew of Joseph Plonk and Barbara Rudisill Plonk, and Rev. M. L. Little held a service for the aged brother and sister under a large apple tree in the yard. After this, all his descendants were formed in a line and marched by him so as to give him a good look at them. Several years ago Mr. Plonk fell down a pair of steps and broke his thigh. Since which time he has not been able to walk but he can talk and his mind is remarkable.

It was, in fact, a success throughout and everyone present enjoyed themselves highly. It was a day that will be remembered by those present.

CHILDREN present:

·         SALLIE—married W. S. Crouse—their children, Josephine and her husband John Quickle, their children Gus, Wm. Tom, Foy, John & Sallie. BARBARA and her husband John Aderholdt. EMMA and her husband Erastas Rudisill—children Fate, Wiley, Junius and Wray, Sula and Frank.

·         DANIEL PLONK and wife Mary Rudisill Plonk were present (no children).

·         MIKE PLONK and wife who belonged to the Creesamore and Killian families.

·         KATHERINE widow of William Fronebarger and a number of her children and grandchildren.

·         PHILIP PLONK was a Col. in the Home Guard. He died in 1863.

·         My father JOHN JONAS PLONK and wife Ann Ellen Oates Plonk. She belonged to the Oates, Espey, Sloan, Reed, Means, Hays and Mitchell families traced back to England and Scotland. The oldest son JOSEPH CALVIN and wife Laura Roberts were not present. She belonged to the Roberts, White, Warlick families. William LaFayette Plonk and wife Regina Ware were present. She belonged to the Ware, McGill, Dickey families. Her ancestor CAPT. JOHN WEIR (now spelled Ware) was one of the heroes of the Battle of Kings Mountain, children—Ida, John, Clarence and Eunice—who saw their great-grandfather May 1, 1888. MICHAEL LUTHER PLONK and wife Lenora Love—who belonged to the Love, Torrence Wilson and Bane families—and children Annie and Grier. I well remember how happy my father was that day among his cousins from Gaston County.

May 1, 1888 was the last time I, MARTHA PLONK, saw my grandfather (JOSEPH PLONK) while he was living. He died July 1888. I was at the funeral. His wife’s grand nephew—REV. LUTHER M. CARPENTER conducted the religious services. He was buried on the family graveyard on a pretty knoll beside his wife BARBARA RUDISILL PLONK who died in Oct. 1863. His father JACOB PLONK also buried and his wife CHRISTINA KISER PLONK. My wish is that the spot be enclosed, a durable marker of JACOB PLONK, PIONEER & PATRIOT of the PLONK family, and I wish to have the D.A.R. to place the marker JACOB PLONK, INDIAN—REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIER. He was known as a PATRIOT DOCTOR and served with the Veterans in the Revolutionary War.

If I had been interested in family history in May 1888, I could have learned much worth preserving. I commenced writing reminiscence of my parents after they became weak in body and loved to talk of the past—their kindred and friends. I remember seeing many people at that family reunion mentioned in the HOFFMAN BOOK of OUR KIN.

JACOB PLONK or (DUTCH PLONK) was born in Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania about 1748 and while a resident of Tryon County, North Carolina, was drafted in June 1776, and served in Capt. Robert Alexander’s Company in war against the Cherokee Indians (3) months. Soon after in Capt. George Taylor’s Company (3) months. He was again drafted in 1781 under Capt. Wm. Moore in Colonel Phifer's Regiment (3) months. He was allowed pension on account of above services.

While a resident of Lincoln County, North Carolina, he married Christina Kiser—they had six children: Katie, Sallie, Susie, Betsey, Jacob, Jr., and Joseph who married Barbara Rudisill.

Written by Martha (Mattie) Plonk.


[Above statement provided by Maude Reinhardt (died 1978) probably as DAR evidence. This notarized statement probably dated sometime during the 1960s. On 27 March 2001, William Lee Anderson III and his parents visited the Plonk family graveyard with the assistance of Darrell Harkey, Historical Coordinator of Lincoln County, North Carolina. Marked graves of Joseph Plonk and Barbara Rudisill were found. The location is along Indian Creek, not Muddy Creek.]


I, Maude Reinhardt Plonk, widow, 2nd wife of JOSEPH CALVIN PLONK son of JOHN JONAS PLONK and wife ANN ELLEN OATES—grandson of JOSEPH PLONK and wife BARBARA RUDISILL—great-grandson of JACOB Plonk and wife CHRISTINA KISER—hereby certify that the foregoing report of the FAMILY REUNION on the 100th Birthday of JOSEPH PLONK written by MATTIE PLONK, my sister-in-law, is true and correct of my own personal knowledge, information and belief. (I have copy written by her in ink). You will find a picture of Mattie Plonk in OUR KIN by Hoffman on page 304. I have personally visited the family graveyard on the PLONK FARM where Jacob Plonk and wife Christina Kiser are buried—without markers. Also, Joseph Plonk and wife Barbara Rudisill are buried at the same family graveyard with markers, on a pretty knoll on Muddy Creek 3-miles from Lincolnton, On highway leading from Lincolnton to Crouse. JOHN JONAS PLONK and wife ANN ELLEN OATES are buried (with marker) at Long Creek ARP Church by my husband JOSEPH CALVIN PLONK and first wife LAURA ROBERTS ca 3-miles from Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

_________________________ (seal)
                                                                                   Maude Reinhardt Plonk (Mrs.J.C.,)
SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME AT          Hickory, North Carolina
This the 7th day of November

Jackie Morse       (Seal)
                                                                             NOTARY PUBLIC
My commission expires (June 11, 1969)