Plonk Family Cemetery

A property of Lincoln County Historical Association.

The Plonk Family Cemetery is about 200 years old. It is located just 0.3 miles from the original Plonk Family home place of Jacob Plunk II and his wife Christina Jane Kiser. It is on land acquired by the first Plonks to settle in North Carolina probably before 1766.

The 1790 United States Census suggests that Jacob Plunk I and his wife lived nearby, and thus could be buried here. Their son Jacob Plunk II and his wife Christina Jane Kiser are buried here. Their son Joseph Plunk and his wife Barbara Rudisill have inscribed gravestones. The land is along Indian Creek and has trees that have been untouched for many decades. It is an attractive place for families to visit.

Read the Plonk Family Cemetery Visitor's Guide during your visit. Retain a copy if you cannot access the same document on the web. Otherwise, leave the document at the site for the next visitor.

Lincoln County Historic Properties Commission and the Lincoln County Historical Association own 3.2 acres surrounding the cemetery. The boundary includes the field, Indian Creek embankment, and small stream. See surveyor’s map. It is an official historic site of Lincoln County. If you have questions or want to report a problem, please contact the Historical Association at telephone number 704-748-9090 or at 403 East Main Street, Lincolnton, NC 28092.