Margaret Eulaia Moore, 1869-1908, Life Images

Here are images from the life of Margaret "Maggie" Eulaia Moore, 1869-1908.

Father: Jesse Siler Moore, 1838-1900, Civil War veteran, prominent businessman, civic leader, Franklin, NC:

Mother: Susan Caroline Wikle, 1837-1913, lived in McGuire home 1900-1913 including after Margaret's 1908 death, quilter:

Margaret Eulaia Moore, about 1888:


High School and special events, 1889-1890, including brother Oscar Erskin Moore, 1872-1930:

Handwriting, "My Favorite North Carolinian, Nat Macon", 1889: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5

Centenary Female College, Cleveland, Tennessee, 1890-1891, named for centennial of Methodism, at site of present-day Lee University:

Centenary Female College Catalog:

Possible college photograph, Centenary Female College, Cleveland, Tennessee, 1890-1891:

Calling card, about 1890:

Possible wedding photograph, 1891, age 22, or later:

Husband: William Boyd McGuire, 1888, married 27 Oct 1891:

First home, 1891-1895, Franklin, NC:

Handwriting, Wikle-Moore Bible, about 1891: Page 794, Page 794.1, Page 794.2, Page 794.3, Page 794.4

Death of first child, Anna McGuire, 1892:

Second home, 1895, Franklin, NC:

Children: Mary Louise, Mildred, 1899:

Children: Hunter, Mildred, Mary Louise, 1903:

Child: Mary Louise, about 1905:

Child: Mary Louise, about 1908:

Death, 18 July 1908, age 39:

Grave, First United Methodist Church Cemetery, Franklin, NC, beside Anna:

There could be more photographs of Margaret Eulaia Moore that have not yet been found. Her name has continued through 3 descendants.