Anderson Home Places Since 1739

Anderson home places

Eno River (1739-abt1792), on present-day McDade Store Road, images: land, aerial map, topological map, history
John Anderson (1704-1756) & Ann Moore (1705-abt1759)
Robert Anderson (1740-1820) & Nancy McKee
Alexander Anderson (1797-1884) & Susan Thompson, images: outbuilding, outbuilding, outbuilding, outbuilding
William Henry Anderson & Anne Crisp
Eno River (abt1750-1792), assumed near father's house
William Anderson (1727-1785) & Jane Mebane (1743-1810)
Haw River (1792-1853), purchased 240 acres on 10 Nov 1792 (Orange County Deed Book 5, page 448), present-day house built later, at present-day 2422 Haw River-Hopedale Road, image, aerial map, topological map, "Jas Anderson" on 1893 map (bottom,left)
James Anderson (1768-1850) & Martha Jane Murray (1776-1853)
Pleasant Grove (abt1825-abt1870), location near stream, images: front covered with panel veneer, side, original hewn logs and chimney, newer roof and chimney extension, back, gigantic White Oak tree, 12-foot diameter at ground, 5-foot diameter at chest height, measured circumference 15ft-10in, tree and 6ft-1in William L. Anderson Jr., tree, opposite view, aerial map, topological map
William Anderson (1802-1853) & Martha Faucett (1805-1853), died of typhoid fever, inventory of property, estate sale
Pleasant Grove (abt1870-1986), images: front, side, back, side, front, aerial map, topological map, "W J Anderson" on 1893 map (middle,center)
William James Anderson (1832-1902) & Elizabeth Wilkins Holt (1833-1891)
Eugene Anderson (1872-1945) & Frances Banks Rand (1871-1945)
William Eugene Anderson (1907-1986) & Anna Belle Tyson (1908-1960)
Jacob Holt House (1865-present), image, aerial map, topological map, "Jas. Andeson" on 1893 map (low,center), history, cemetery
Jacob Holt (1796-1883) & Mary Stepney Wilkins (1807-1889)
James Anderson (1862-1935) & Nannie Edwin Whitted (1866-1930)
Mary Alice Anderson (1892-1973) & Walter David Aldridge (1889-1962)
Nell Margaret Aldridge (b:1923), Marvin Malcome Aldridge (b:1926), Mary Alice Aldridge (1930-1996)

Other home places

Murray House, aerial map, topological map, "Murray Place"? on 1893 map (middle,center)
William Lawrence Murray (1750-1805) & Margaret Anderson (1755-1828)
Tate House, aerial map, topological map, "Green Tate" on 1893 map (top,left)
James Green Tate (1819-1899) & Martha Adaline Anderson (1827-1854) & Elizabeth Ann Ayers (1835-)
Levi Whitted House, front, chimney with date, aerial map, topological map, "Levi Whitted" on 1893 map (middle,right)
Levi Whitted IV (1832-1906) & Emily Powell (1834-1912)
Roney House, aerial map, topological map
Henry Baxter Roney (1888-1981) & Caroline Elizabeth Anderson (1888-1973)
Caroline Edith Roney (1916-2005)