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American Revolution Sites, Events, and Troop Movements by Day
An interactive map that plots significant places and actions during the American Revolution. The map is an ongoing project to encapsulate interrelated sites, commanders, military units, troop movements, weather conditions, and source documentation into one coherent user interface. Sites include forts, batteries, courthouses, hospitals, churches, schools, plantations, grist mills, iron furnaces, forges, fords, ferries, bridges, inns, ordinaries, taverns, landmarks, camps, battles, skirmishes, sieges, cemeteries, and graves. Each site is plotted only if it existed during the specified time period. Troop movements can be plotted on a daily basis. The map is particularly effective in showing simultaneous historical events.
Patriot Graves provided by Sons of the American Revolution
This web application plots gravesites of Patriots of the American Revolution, 1775-1783. It is an ongoing project to include all such gravesites. Through continued refinement this application will provide additional information. Original sources are referenced, and when possible, directly viewable. EleHistory Research is developing this new capability. Its mission is to produce a valuable tool to help the public find Patriot gravesites.

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