Special Family Images and Documents

Dear Family Members,

On the links below you will find family documents and near-photo quality images of grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. They include Anderson, Tate, Holt, Whitted, Aldridge, Roney, Plonk, and McGuire families.

Most images are more than 50 years old. The oldest are tin-types with the image on metal. These are the most valuable images available. The images are as close to the original as possible. Photo size is preserved. High resolution is used. Consequently, each image file is big and may take a a bit longer to download. Please copy every image that could be valuable to you now or in the future. With many copies distributed throughout the family, it is unlikely that an image will be lost forever. To copy an image, right click on it and choose the command Save Picture As or Save Image As. As more memorable photos are discovered, I will add them to this collection. If you have other quality family photos, scan them and I will make them available on the Web long enough for others to copy.

Items are listed by family in approximate chronological order. Items marked New! were added or updated after 1 October 2017. At the end, you can view images and documents arranged by categories.

I hope everyone enjoys these informative documents and valuable images.

Yours truly,
Bill Anderson

Anderson, Tate, Holt, Whitted, Roney, and Aldridge Family Images and Documents

Tate, Brooks Family Images and Documents

Anderson, Whitted, Roney, Aldridge, Wyatt, Holt, Powell, Mebane Family Images and Documents

Plonk and McGuire Family Images and Documents

McGuire, Moore, Wikle, Bulgin Family Images and Documents

Plonk, Motley, Oates, Espey, Sloan, Means Family Images and Documents

Folk Family Grandchildren Web Pages and Images

Images and Documents Arranged by Categories

You can read special family historical documents. These include:

You can read general history with inserted family information.

You can read accounts of personal trials and courage.

You can map family home places and read census records.

You can read descendant listings and download the family-tree database.

You can read cemetery visitor's guides, maps, and gravestone repair efforts.

You can view gravestones at Cross Roads Presbyterian Church Cemetery using Cemetery Census. To locate these gravestones on the ground use reference system in Cross Roads Presbyterian Church Cemetery Listing. Images from William Lee Anderson III.