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Happy Thanksgiving! Many family and friends are very thankful about my birthday. Both Mom and I are doing well. I was born the day after Thanksgiving, at the beginning of the holiday season.

I was born at 4:10PM November 23, 2001. My length is 20 inches. My weight is 8 pounds 4 ounces.

I was born at the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season. The days are short and people like to be indoors with family and friends. I am looking forward to meeting many family members during this time. By the time I learn to observe nature, springtime will start. I am looking forward to a wonderful life.

My Life's Story in Pictures

Here are my first portraits.
My family.
Brothers Thomas and Connor want a closeup view.
Heading home for the first time.
Brother Thomas is very proud of me.
You can check out Thomas Hayden Folk's Home Page and Connor Alexander Folk's Home Page.

Check out my cousins: Claire Olivia Folk's Home Page, McGuire Stevenson Hunter's Home Page, Virginia Grace Folk's Home Page, and Woodson Marvin Hunter's Home Page.

Birthday Quiz

You can take a quiz about my birthday facts. If you get all correct answers, you will see my slide show.

What is my middle name? (Hint: See title of this web page.)
Allen Alexander

When was I born?
July 29, 1968 June 16, 1999 4:10PM November 23, 2001

What was my birth weight?
8 pounds 4 oz 9 pounds 4 oz 84 pounds

What was my birth length?
25 inches 20 inches 200 inches

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Responses: Here is what relatives and friends are saying.

From Mom and Dad


Thanksgiving 2001 will be one we always remember. We are so grateful that God has blessed us with another child. We look forward to many happy and memorable times together.

Your brothers, Thomas and Connor, are extremely excited about your arrival. They have been looking forward to you "coming out of Mommy's tummy" for a long time. Each day, they give you lots of hugs and kisses.

You are a very happy baby and will fit right into our family. Thomas and Connor are already talking about the many things they want to do with you when you are older.

You are loved very much by all of us. Your arrival has made our family complete and we are very glad you are part of our home.

We love you very much,
Mom, Dad, Thomas, Connor

From Grandmother and Grandfather Folk


Your granddaddy and grandmother are very proud of you, your parents, and your brothers. You were a special blessing to all of us, for you were born the day after Thanksgiving 2001.

Your name Christopher Allen is a combination of your dad's family and your mom's family. Christopher is a name that has come down through many generations in the Folk family. Just as you are the third son, your dad was our third son. We remember how special he was to us. We even said that being the third son, he would have to make his "mark," and he truly has done so.

You and your brothers will have lots of fun playing and growing up together in the years ahead. We look forward to having you in our home enjoying all of the things that you and your brothers like to do.

We love you very much and welcome you to the Folk family. May God bless you throughout your life.

With our love,
Grandmother and Granddaddy Folk

From Dan Serra

Oh boy (and boy and boy!) congrats, couple more and you got a team. funny i just mailed you guys a card before knowing this so i won't leak out what i said in it, but it's good! look for it.

talk to you soon,

From Shawn Miller

I don't know if you'll get this, but CONGRATULATIONS! How very exciting, I am so happy for you and your whole family! He's a good baby, he didn't make his mommy spend Thanksgiving in the hospital!

Have a good "break" with the family, we'll see you soon.

From Bargers

Sweet baby!!!!

Well hello all!!! We heard your news and are so excited for you guys. WOW!!! Three boys...What a miracle. Absolutely wonderful. We would love to see you guys and to meet your newest member of your family and for you to meet our Greyson. We are getting settled in and starting to feel a little like we are at home again. We have been in the house about 5 weeks and it has been non stop since then but getting better now. We hate that so much time has gone by and we have not seen you guys and gotten back on track with things. Lots to chat about!!!! Lots of wonderful conversations to have with you all, Thomas and Connor. They sure are precious. I guess you have lots of clothes and toys for Christopher. HEE!!!!! YEA!!!!! We will call you Thursday if that is OK. I know things must be hectic.

Congratulations again on sweet angel Christopher.

Love to you,
Monica, Grant and Greyson XXXXX OOOOOO

From Wynnes


This is your old Fort Myers pals Sharon and Avera Wynne. Dan Serra just started working here with me at the St. Pete Times and gave me this Web site address, which luckily lets me peek in on you guys and your beautiful family. Your boys look precious. Best to luck now that you are outnumbered!!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne